Because of county permit requirements, rebuilding our deck required us to construct three concrete piers through five feet of soil, then five feet of rock to secure it on our steeply sloped back yard.  Our architect recommended Farallon Company.  Fernando Oliveira was a little late starting our project: other project extended, employee changes.  But once he started our work, his crew worked no stop until it was complete...early, late, Saturdays, the crew was there.  The crew was quiet, neat and worked at the speed of light whether Fernando was there to supervise them or not.  This wasn't an easy job(steep grade, tight quarters),  but Fernando seems to have the experience to solve what comes up.

Our contract indicated that Fernando had a month to complete the work.  They installed the piers, topped them with a precisely fitted I-beam, cleaned up, cleared the yard of rubble and were wrapped up in...wait for it....ONE week, and the work is immaculate.  Fernando was a pleasure to deal with.  Can't recommend Farallon Company enough.
— Barbara G.